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  • SKF BearingsSKF group was founded in 1907 and had more than 105 years history. SKF...
  • SKF BearingsFAG brand was founded in 1883 and has about 130 years history. This br...
  • SKF BearingsNSK was founded in 1916 in Japan and concentrate on bearings design, m...
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Cross roller bearing
To crossed roller bearings, the rollers are between the inner wheel and felly, ranked at transposition intervals and at right angles respectively. They can undergo loads(axial trend, thrust or momentum loads) from all directions synchronously. Because the roller and track surface are contacted linearly, the possibility of axle elastic deformations with too much loads is quite slim. This bearing is widely used in industrial robots, industrial equipment and medical equipment etc., on the occasions of high rigid, compactness and precision at high speeds. In crossed roller bearing, because cylindrical roller, on the 90 °rolling surface of V-shaped groove, is ranked perpendicularly through interval retainers, one crossed roller bearing could undergo loads from all directions including radial load, axial load and torque load. The sizes of inner wheel and felly are miniaturized, thus the extremely thin size is close to the ultimate limit and has the qualities of high rigid, which is extremely applicable to joints and rotating parts in robots, revolving tables in machining center,, revolving parts in mechanical hands, high precision revolving tables, medical equipment, quantifiers, IC manufacturing installation etc.
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